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Accessories Range

When designing a coffin for a loved one, it’s important to pick the right accessories to ensure that the coffin we create for you is both tasteful and unique to the life lived by your loved one.

Choosing the right casket handles

Choosing casket handles that tie in with the rest of the coffin design can be tough when trying to create a coffin that fits exactly what you’ve envisioned for your special person.

That’s why at Creative Coffins we stock a range of unique casket handles and other casket accessories to help make decisions like this easier. By providing an easy to choose range of accessories under the one roof, we hope to take a little bit of stress out of planning your loved one’s farewell.

We can provide casket handles that suit any coffin we produce. Whether you’re looking for a classic type of design that could tie in with any coffin. Or something completely customised that matches the chosen colour scheme of your coffin.

Our range of coffin accessories is always being updated and added to, as we try our hardest to ensure that whatever design you’re looking for is something we can accommodate at Creative Coffins.

Choosing the right casket handles

Create A Lasting Memory

We believe that in every memory there is history, let us help you share and celebrate that history.

Finding the right Casket handles

If you can’t seem to find casket handles or other accessories that meet your specific requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful staff and we’ll do our best to try and fulfil your request to the best of our abilities.

If you’d like to contribute your own accessories to your custom-made coffin, we’ll work together with you to incorporate any special memorabilia into the finished product, so your loved one can take a little piece of their loved ones with them on their next journey.

Our casket handles are robust and made to our strict manufacturing requirements, so rest assured that when you choose Creative Coffins for your coffin accessories. You’ll receive casket handles that are made to the highest quality standards.