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When it comes time to say goodbye to a loved one in your life, the trauma of losing someone so special can often be difficult to bare. 

But all paths eventually lead back to the one singular question. How can we remember this wonderful person and the rich and beautiful life that they led?

That’s why at Creative Coffins, we’ve made it our philosophy over the years to try our hardest to give everyone the opportunity to have their life celebrated with a meaningful and unique funeral. One that speaks to who they were as a person.

That’s why we set out with a mission to provide a unique service that allows you to farewell your loved ones in a way that traditional funeral services have never really allowed until now. Our custom wrapped coffins are something that we at Creative Coffins believe can serve as a conduit for memories of your loved one.

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We create something personalised to reflect who your loved one was and what inspired them in life.

Custom wrapped coffins produced by our capable and professional staff here at Creative Coffins are the perfect way to say proudly that you’ll always remember who your loved one was and how much they meant to you, their family and their friends throughout their life.

Custom Wrapped Coffins

When it comes time to put together a resting place for your loved one, we try to create a sense of flow to creating your custom coffin, to give you ease of mind.

From graphic design to production our custom wrapped coffins are sketched, proofed and built entirely in house by our highly trained and professional staff here at Creative Coffins. So, you know you’re getting the quality you and your loved one deserves.

One of the things we strive to do at Creative Coffins is keep our overall coffin cost low. This is because we believe that custom wrapped coffins are something that everyone should have access to if they choose to remember their loved one in this unique and personal way. Just contact us with your specifications of how you’re looking to remember your loved one and a member of our helpful team will work out a coffin cost that suits your budget.