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Passion Range

Our passions are what define us as the unique people we are. When a loved one passes, we often begin to think about what inspired them in life.

Custom Wrapped Coffins

Their passions may have been shared by others, but it was the way they approached those passions and how it empowered them to live the way they did that deserve to be celebrated.

At Creative Coffins we believe that when it comes time to say goodbye, custom wrapped coffins that showcase what the deceased loved about life are a beautiful way to send them off. Coffin art can be tailored to meet any demands you might have. The beauty of custom wrapped coffins lies in the fact that they can feature multiple designs across each surface, every one of them a showcase of what your special person loved to do in their life.

Custom wrapped coffins can feature any design you might want. Perhaps your loved one was an avid gardener? Cover their final resting place with their favourite blooms, bursting with colour and beauty. Let them be surrounded by the plants and flowers they loved in life.

Create A Lasting Memory

We believe that in every memory there is history, let us help you share and celebrate that history.

Dedicated Coffin Art

A talented artist could have coffin art that entirely features pieces made by them, a last tribute to their disciple and practice.

Our custom wrapped coffins can feature any print, from beautiful photography to stunning oil painting, whatever their artistic pursuit was.

Maybe they were a lifelong angler or a keen hunter? Display their greatest catch and snapshot the moment of pride they carried with them over their entire life. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing coffin art that stands as testament to their achievements.

Let our helpful and understanding team at Creative Coffins put together the pieces that gave your loved one’s life meaning. With one of our custom wrapped coffins, their great passions in life can be celebrated along side them as a memory of what brought them joy.