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Patriotic Range

If your special person was a great lover of this beautiful country, why not consider an expression of commitment to our unique way of life.

Australian Flag Coffin

With an Australian flag coffin, your loved one’s patriotism can be truly expressed as they move on to their final resting place.

For those who have served to defend our country, our Australian flag coffins can also be decorated with your loved one’s military regalia, a final act of solemn respect for their service in upholding the wonderful and unique way of life we share in this country.

Perhaps some iconic Australian iconography? Our team can design anything from beautiful red desert vistas. To great Australian sporting moments or cultural icons such as the famed Ned Kelly. Whatever the deceased loved about this sunburnt country, our team can help you bring their last wishes to life.

An Australian flag coffin doesn’t have to mean the Union Jack. Our team fully respect the traditional owners of the land upon which we stand. We can work with you to create a final resting place that tells the story of both your loved one’s life, as well as the lives of their ancestors before them. Our capable team can digitally recreate anything that held significance to your passed loved one. Whatever tied them to this beautiful land is something we can help you faithfully recreate and send with them on their journey.

Create A Lasting Memory

We believe that in every memory there is history, let us help you share and celebrate that history.

NZ Flag Coffin

For those who’ve joined us from across the sea, we can also accommodate the flags and traditions of all nationalities.

For our southern neighbours, the option of a NZ flag coffin is something our team can easily accommodate. Whether your loved one believed in the four red stars or the silver fern, a custom NZ flag coffin can celebrate their love for our closest neighbour.

For those not seeking an Australian flag coffin, but something that immortalises their own rich and vibrant background, our courteous and professional team will do their upmost to ensure that the traditions and cultural background of your loved one are expressed in an equally respectful and special manner.