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Personalised Range

When it comes time to say goodbye to a loved one, often the things that were unique about them come to mind when planning their funeral.

Personalised Coffins

Personalised coffins can give extra meaning to a final send-off, by showing just how much your loved one’s family and friends cared about what made them special.

Our capable team of professionals can help you create coffin art that captures a recollection of the life they led and what they achieved throughout it. It could be great sporting victories, bringing the home club to a grand final win. Or maybe achievements in academia that help future generations learn and grow.

Perhaps they were a successful business owner, whose beloved children continue the history of family owned success. Whatever story you’d like to tell, personalised coffins can provide a physical collection of memories that detail what made your loved one’s life meaningful.

If you have a personal idea in mind, don’t hesitate to contact our team of friendly and understanding staff, who will work together with you to create coffin art that truly speaks for itself.

Create A Lasting Memory

We believe that in every memory there is history, let us help you share and celebrate that history.

Create Your Coffin Art

Our team of graphic designers create personalised coffins with the upmost care and attention to detail, to ensure that every precious memory that goes into your loved one’s final resting place is exactly as it was envisioned to be.

Another way to remember your loved one is by creating your own coffin art. Friends and family can come together to each write, draw or create something that signified their special relationship to the deceased. Our staff then create personalised coffins using your designs that celebrate the life your loved one lived. Collections of photographs are another wonderful way to capture an insight into what your loved one cherished most in their life. Everything from baby pictures to wedding photos can add to the rich tapestry that made up their existence.

At Creative Coffins we strive to help you create something that immortalises your loved one’s life. We believe that in every memory there is history, let us help you share and celebrate that history.