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Sports & Lifestyle Range

If your loved one was a keen and proficient sportsman or sportswoman, our fully customised sports coffins might be the perfect choice.

Sports Coffins

If the deceased was a flash on the tennis court, why not adorn their coffin with racquets, balls and the final set from the greatest game they ever played?

Regardless of whether they loved rugby league or rugby union. A photograph of their team and a record of their career try score on one of our sports coffins can show so much about your deceased’s love of the game they followed all their life.

Perhaps they loved AFL or maybe soccer? Our sports coffins can feature hand drawn and faithfully recreated pictures of your loved one kicking that match winning goal or scoring that equalising point that made them the toast of the clubhouse after the game was over.

Create A Lasting Memory

We believe that in every memory there is history, let us help you share and celebrate that history.

Sports Coffins for sport lovers

If cricket was their passion, consider a faithful recreation of their favourite bat printed on top of their final resting place, something to take with them on their next journey.

Any photographs or memorabilia you’d like to have added to the coffin layout can easily be included alongside your choice of design. As we believe our sports coffins are even more special when they feature something completely personal to your loved one.

Whether you’re looking to fulfil your loved one’s final request, or want to pay tribute to their sporting successes, our range of sports coffins enable you to showcase whatever sporting code they chose to follow.

Our hard-working team are all great lovers of sport and believe that remembering the sporting talents of your loved one can be a beautiful way to celebrate their life. By putting emphasis on what brought them joy throughout it.

Our sports coffins are made with every care and due diligence to ensure that they prescribe to your exact specifications and layout. From graphic design all the way through to the production stage. We’ll help you capture every special moment of their sporting success and immortalise it for all time.