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Team Colours Range

Celebrating someone’s life means bringing together a collection of memories that held significance to your loved one.

Custom Sports Team Caskets

We live in a sports loving country there’s no doubt about it. So here at Creative Coffins we believe that there’s absolutely no shame in commemorating someone’s lifelong support for the sporting team that they loved.

Our range of sports team caskets enable sporting fans to express their fervent support for their favourite all-time team.

Whatever they loved in life, whether it was Australian rules football to rugby league or union, we can express your loved one’s undying adoration for their team with one of our sports team caskets.

We can also design sports team caskets that prescribe to any sporting code from around the world, not just the ones commonly played in Australia.

Create A Lasting Memory

We believe that in every memory there is history, let us help you share and celebrate that history.

Tailored Sports Team Caskets

Why not feature inspiring quotes from the greatest players ever to run the field for your loved one’s favourite team? Or perhaps a record of every grand final won during the deceased’s long and rich life?

Our sports team caskets are versatile in how the custom designs can be added to the finished product. This means that potentially any way you want to pay homage to your special person’s love for their favourite team is possible.

Our professional and studious team will work together with you to tailor one of our sports team caskets to fit your exact specifications. Our graphic design team will walk you through a step by step process to creating your loved one’s own unique coffin. Start with whether you’d like to feature just their favourite team’s colours. Or whether they’d have wanted the club insignia spread across the top or the sides of the coffin. We’ll then work through the finer details of colour and design before it’s passed on to our production team.

When it comes to our sports team caskets the potential for customisation is endless. Because we believe that your loved one deserves to have their team spirit celebrated as an integral part of who they were in life.